Our long term packs

  • Why ReadyWise?

    ReadyWise takes an innovative approach by providing reliable, simple and affordable freeze-dried and dehydrated foods for emergency preparedness, outdoor use (camping, hiking, hunting, sea crossings, ...) or just to tide you over once in a while.

  • Easy to prepare

    Add water, mix and in a few minutes it's ready!

  • Long shelf life

    Shelf life up to 25 years.

  • Excellent value for money

    Reliable, affordable, high in calories and tasty.

  • Metallyte ™ technology

    High quality individual packaging for optimal food protection.

  • Convenient storage

    Buckets are lightweight sealed, compact, stackable and resistant to pests.

  • Antoine

    Exceptional value for money!


    I had bought some to prepare for emergencies but tried a few packs just to taste! The macaroni and cheese was INCREDIBLE and I also enjoyed the creamy pasta. The box is perfect and fits nicely in my pantry. I'll definitely be buying a bucket of 120 meals again!

  • Louis

    Easy storage and preparation


    I bought it because I wanted to have ready-to-use food for my camping and hiking trips. Or honestly, when I don't feel like cooking and spending a lot of money on a takeaway. This product meets my expectations perfectly. Very satisfied with my purchase.

  • Client Anonyme

    Food security


    Given the current economic situation, which seems to be worsening, it's wise and prudent to stock up on food in case of emergency, to build up a safety net. Buckets are lightweight, easy to store, long-lasting and tasty.

  • Lotte

    Great product!


    This is an excellent product from a reputable company. I bought it for my niece who lives in a big city. If ever there's a major disaster, she'll have food at home to last until help arrives... This reassures my niece and me about her safety. She's also stocked up on water in case of emergency. A sensible product and idea in today's world.

  • Anthony F.

    Very satisfied!


    We always try to keep emergency supplies on our farm in case of storms or natural disasters. The last food supply we bought was attacked by mice that got into the packaging. These heavy-duty buckets work well and offer superior shelf life. We haven't eaten the food yet, so I can't comment.

  • Voyageur

    Peace of mind


    I haven't tasted the various dishes yet, but I have the peace of mind of having a good source of food in case of a long-term emergency. These buckets are well made, stack well and are easy to transport.