About ReadyWise

ReadyWise is a manufacturer and distributor of freeze-dried and dehydrated foods for emergency preparedness, daily consumption and other outdoor activities.  

In over 10 years of business, ReadyWise has become a leader in the emergency food supply category. Whether you are an expert in preparedness or just starting out, they have all the products to meet your needs. Being prepared isn't just for preppers or survivalists. Everyone wants that peace of mind. Preparation and anticipation are universal values. 

At ReadyWise, the mission is to bring peace of mind to consumers by offering high quality food at a reasonable price to help them prepare for unexpected life events and emergencies.  

It is important for them to systematically integrate the fundamental notion of preparedness, "Ready", into everything they do. That's why it's at the beginning of their name and at the heart of their brand strategy. ReadyWise has been rated best in the industry by countless experts and thousands of loyal customers. Here are a few reasons why ReadyWise is the solution of choice; 

Extended lifespan  

Making sure you have food on hand in case of an emergency can be a real headache. Canning, freeze-drying, dehydrating, packaging, stock rotation, etc. ReadyWise products have a shelf life of over 25 years. There are enough things to do and think about in an emergency and with ReadyWise, food doesn't have to be one of them.  

Small Portion Pouches 

This is an innovation that has set ReadyWise apart from traditional food storage offerings. In most emergency situations, there is no need to open a large container with multiple ingredients, but rather to have a few quick meals. So that's what they did - food in small portions. It's convenient and eliminates waste, consolidates storage space and ensures menu variety in an emergency. 

Bucket Storage System  

An extra level of protection. Most emergency food pouches come in stackable buckets that are easy to store and lightweight, making them easy to carry in an emergency.